update 16.10.2005


art & design © Kateřina Novotná 2005

TV Nova 2004

Work for Galvenn
TV Nova asked me to create a set design for a new studio for a mildly erotic programme called Plume Let. My work had to have regard for the performance requirements of the studio and the limited and specific size of the location. My design took account of the programme lighting requirements and the need for creative and practical camera angles.
I tried to create a modern studio with the use of modern materials, such as plastic, glass and metal. To achieve a slightly erotic atmosphere I used fur and leather. I tried to use mainly pastel colours to create a general ambiance of relaxation with a sensual feel without being vulgar.
This project provided me with a new experience in set design
(TV Nova – 2004, TV show on hold)
Realization in 3D program – Pavel
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